guillaume reynaud

Guillaume made his first photos by the age of 12 like his greatgrandfather ,
he start shooting family & close friends. Photography became a need, so
naturally after graduating, he entered in a photography school .
Later he worked in the greatest studio in Paris with the glamourous
photographers of the 80s Arthur Elgort, Lord Snowdown, Pamela Hanson & Bill
King. At the same time, he organised his first exhibition « Stridence » in Paris.
In 1990 he started to work on his own in Milan & Paris with prestigious fashion & beauty magazines & clients
                             (Marie Claire UK, Vogue Spain, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Officiel, Figaro-Madame, Dry uk, Perrier, Nescafé,        Princesse Tam-Tam,  Mercedes,  Rémy Martin, Zadig & Voltaire,)
His constant passion for perfection, light & movement pushed him to explore
the magic of dance, he followed for years Carolyn Carlsson’s company and
Opera de Paris dancers. His work has been exposed in Marseille, (Motion 2004 TheatreToursky ),(looking around ) Bejin 2009, »Urban Tutu »with  Marie-agnès Gillot etoile,Opera,Paris 2011.