Guillaume Reynaud

Guillaume made his first photos by the age of 12 .like his great grandfather,
he starts shooting family & close friends. Photography became a need, so
naturally after graduating, he entered in a photography school .
Later he worked in the greatest studio in Paris with the glamourous
photographers of the 80s Arthur Elgort, Lord Snowdown,Laurence Sackman, Pamela Hanson & Bill
King. At the same time, he organised his first exhibition “Stridence” in Paris.
In 1990 he started to work on his own in Milan & Paris with fashion & beauty magazines & clients
                             (Marie Claire UK, Vogue Spain, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Officiel, Figaro-Madame, Dry uk,Biba, Zadig & Voltaire, Lancôme,Armani, L’oreal,Perrier,Princesse Tam-Tam,  Mercedes,  Rémy Martin,Nescafé)
His  interest for the perfect movement pushed him to capture dancers during improvisation
, he followed for years Carolyn Carlsson’s company and
Opera de Paris dancers. His work has been exposed in Marseille, (Motion 2004 Theatre Toursky ),(looking around ) Bejin 2009,”Urban Tutu »with  Marie-agnès Gillot etoile,Opera,Paris 2011.”The Real & The Rough”,Milano 



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